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Happy Easter

We are so grateful for all of our family, friends, and customers. We hope you all have a relaxing Easter and get to…
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web design construction

Build More, Use Less

Creating a website is a tough job. I'm not asking for sympathy in the least-I love my job. But, creating a customized-to-your-specific-needs website…
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computer cleaning

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Website

It's springtime here in Memphis, and that means none other than, you guessed it, spring cleaning! But, spring cleaning isn't just for the…
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best of memphis award banner online marketing

Code With Power Awarded 2015 Best of Memphis Web Designer

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Code with Power Receives 2015 Best of Memphis Award Memphis Award Program Honors the Achievement MEMPHIS March 11,…
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SEO Tip # 39

Having a meaningful, descriptive, and readable URL is necessary to be search engine friendly.
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SEO Tip #18

Interactive features and video backgrounds are great, but make sure you’re keeping your load times quick. No one likes to wait for a…
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SEO Tip #68

Make your website mobile friendly. With the internet at our hands, most people are indulging in the convenience, especially while they’re not at…
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SEO Tip # 144

Is the content on your website relevant to your industry? Relative and keyword stuffed content will increase visibility.
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Top 12 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Service

If you're looking into hiring a professional SEO Service, be sure to consider these very important questions to avoid scams or black hat…
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silver chain links

SEO Tip #53 – Links

Links, links, links. Have a nice mix of internal and external (backlinks).
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